Ball Is Life #1 “New year, new season, new bball heads

Hello all!

This year I have decided to do a monthly blog/newsletter/insight into the working and general carry on of the (awesome) Basketball Club here in UCC. I don’t think I quite know what I’m getting myself into by doing this but the procrastinator in me says it’s a good idea (and the procrastinator in us, as we all know, generally wins!) Any whooo here we go!

First of all to all the Basketball members that helped out this past month with the stands, trials and in general just being an ear for me to rant to: THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is the time of the year that things can be a bit haywire so I really appreciate everyone’s patience. To anyone that did not receive any emails I sincerely apologise for this! If you are still not receiving emails please let us know and follow all our social media as these are always updated by our lovely PRO’s Billie the Kiddd and Emer!

Secondly thank you to all that tried out for teams! We really mean it when we say the standard this year was ridiculously good! It made picking teams very, very difficult! (Cheers for that!) In all sincerity especially when it came to the standard at the ladies trials it really didn’t sit well with me that we couldn’t provide so many talented ladies the opportunity to play with their college so after discussing it with the committee and moving things around we are delighted to announce that we will be entering a THIRD SENIOR LADIES TEAM! I may stand for correction on this but I do believe it is the first time the UCC Basketball Club has had three Senior Ladies teams? (Well done you guys!). The trials for this team will take place this Thursday (13th, unlucky for some) 8.30pm to 10pm and this will be the training slot for the “C” team for the rest of the year.

Thirdly to all you newbies, WELCOME! The Basketball Club has provided me with great friends, laughs, smiles and a lotta good times (most of which I remember!) over the past three years. I hope as Club Captain to be able to provide this experience to every member of the club in as much as I can and keep up the tradition and essence of what the club really is all about: WINNING! Nah I joke! I joke! Just have fun and remember #TravelStrong

Peace out y’all

Amy Fitzgerald.

Club Captain 2016/17